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May 2020

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28 | I NSIGH T • M a y 2 0 2 0 w w w . i n s i g h t o n b u s i n e s s . c o m > insight insider B y M a r y B e t h M a t z e k Green Bay grows in stature as a hub for transportation, logistics Driving innovation e Green Bay area may be known for the paper industry, its strong manufacturing base and the Packers, but there's another industry sector drawing national attention: transportation and logistics. "Nobody realizes it unless you work in the industry," says Kelly Armstrong, vice president of economic development for the Greater Green Bay Chamber. "ere's a strong cluster of companies here involved in transportation and logistics that has made us a hub. It's a real differentiator for the economy." According to the chamber's estimates, Green Bay is home to 642 transportation and logistics companies and an estimated 11,000 logistics and transportation jobs. "Clusters usually start with a few key anchors and grow from there. e heart of this cluster is definitely Schneider," Armstrong says. Schneider, which was founded in 1935, employs 15,000, including 3,800 in Green Bay. Schneider's corporate functions and transportation and logistics operations are based in Green Bay. "e greater Green Bay area has a foundation of transportation and logistics talent like few other locations, and this helps attract businesses," says Mike Kukiela, vice president/general manager of supply chain management and shared services with Schneider. "e knowledge and skills developed by our people (over the past 85 years) has created somewhat of a logistics DNA in our enterprise and the surrounding community that's hard to match." And while the company plays a vital role in the industry, it is just one piece of the puzzle. Other transportation and logistics companies and multiple businesses serve the industry as well — whether it's finding a way for businesses to share trailers to cut costs or using soware to manage shipping container expenses. "ere are many great transportation and logistics companies located in the Green Bay area — many of them with strong Schneider connections and oen Schneider roots," says Brian Stuelpner, Schneider's vice president of strategy, planning and architecture. "We are happy to see each other do well, as we know continued growth of our industry and development of our talent locally will help us all be successful now and in the future." B R E A K T H R O U G H Breakthrough's Fuel Recovery tool allows shippers to calculate the exact cost of moving goods to market. Employees work together to also help clients avoid unnecessary waste and expense from their supply chains. By the Numbers Here are some key statistics involving transportation and logistics in the Green Bay area: • 11,000 transportation and logistics jobs • No. 1 area of job growth • 1% of all U.S. transportation and logistics jobs are in Green Bay • 18th-largest employment concentration in the transportation and logistics industry in the nation • 642 transportation and logistics companies are located here • Schneider, which is headquartered in Green Bay, is the 16th-largest logistics company in the country Source: Greater Green Bay Chamber

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