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MAY 2017 VOL. 10 NO.2 $4.95 BANKING TOURISM/ RESORTS DOOR/ KEWAUNEE COUNTIES WHERE IMPROV MEETS INNOVATION: THINC! event May 11 HOW TO DRAW TOP TALENT? Acuity reveals its recipe WORKING WATERWAY Marine highway concept could bypass Chicago bottleneck CEO Greg Oppermann guides the Neenah-based consulting company in its quest to craft cutting-edge solutions for customers worldwide, with the help of such gadgets as the credit card-sized computer called Raspberry Pi. Excelion Partners develops custom technology solutions for industrial clients who rely on the Internet of Things C O N N E C T I N G B U S I N E S S & P E O P L E I N T H E N E W N O R T H PI IN THE SKY JUNE 2017 VOL. 10 NO.3 $4.95 FOX CITIES EDUCATION RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION SPECIAL SECTION Spotlight on Insight Innovation Award winners FACE TIME Jock Seal on trends in the talent game EARNING THE CONVERSATION Marketing pros to share tactics at Experience Inbound event June 13 at Lambeau HOUSING HEADACHES Homeowners seek short-term rentals after quick sales President Matt Lutsey has found success feeding people's ever-increasing appetites for organic, local and humanely raised meat from the Baileys Harbor-based family business. C O N N E C T I N G B U S I N E S S & P E O P L E I N T H E N E W N O R T H S teaks Raising A kind approach leads to the best cuts for Waseda Farms INSIGHT MAY 2016 VOL.9 NO.2 $4.95 N T H E N E W N O R T H BODY BUILDERS truck body Works through its growth Marion Body Works President and CEO Curt Ignacio guides the $50 million truck cab manufacturing company to continued growth. When a 2012 car accident claimed the life of his friend and company co-leader, a solid succession plan ensured the company did not miss a beat. AUGUST 2017 VOL. 10 NO.5 $4.95 FACE TIME Dean Gruner on nurturing a healthy community CHAIN REACTION Mega Cycle rides onto the scene of downtown Appleton tours Scott Teerlinck and his team at Werner Electric Supply keep the buzz going with new programs to build a workforce in the company's new facilities. C O N N E C T I N G B U S I N E S S & P E O P L E I N T H E N E W N O R T H Werner Electric Supply galvanizes future by building talent CONSTRUCTION MEETINGS & CONVENTIONS GREEN BAY FOX CITIES CONSTRUCTION WORKFORCE EDUCATION Peggy Hendricks is one of four members of the Hendricks family who established Hendricks Distillery in Eureka in 2011. In the past seven years, more than 20 craft distilleries have begun production of premium spirits in Wisconsin — five of which call Northeast Wisconsin home. THE BUSINESS OF LIFE How Jen Berres danced her way to a business she loves THE TOP POP Shawano beverage company builds on its sweet success FACE TIME John Rogers on the strength of peer leadership C O N N E C T I N G B U S I N E S S & P E O P L E I N T H E N E W N O R T H DECEMBER 2016 VOL. 9 NO.9 $4.95 SPIRITS IN GOOD Growing demand for craft liquors inspires regional distillers INSIGHT Media Kit 2018 1 | /INSIGHT ON MANUFACTURING • July 2017 w w s i g h t o n m f g . c o m Special insert Manufacturing First Conference & Expo Oct. 25 & 26 Keynote interview Fast Company founder Bill Taylor on what makes companies 'Simply Brilliant' BIG SMALL for National manufacturer assistance program lands on federal budget chopping block HELP PLAYERS

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