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July 2012

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BACK OFFICE Wow them with your website Transformer manufacturer transforms online presence with greater visibility BY SHANE FELL WHEN SNC MANUFACTURING, an Oshkosh-based transformer and telecom equipment provider, launched its new website last February, company leaders realized they had much more than fresh web pages. "Aſter about 15 years with very "Each page of your website should allow your visitors to answer the question "What now?" - Shane Fell, vice president of Business Development, Top Floor Technologies that SNC focused on to transform its online presence with the help of Milwaukee-based web designer Top Floor Technologies, which has developed websites for numerous manufacturers. These tips could help any company looking to better harness the power of the web to grow business. of your brand. few changes, we felt it was time to revise the site to create a stronger brand image, increase company visibility and make the site more user-friendly to both transformer and telecom visitors," says John Vette III, president and CEO of SNC Manufacturing Co., Inc. Following are a few considerations company's credibility. The site's look, feel and messages should match your positioning, branding and other marketing materials. According to iPerceptions, a consumer research organization focusing on online experiences, web visitors who report a great user experience are twice as likely to return to the site, four times as likely to report enhanced brand opinion and four times as likely to make a future purchase. to answer the question "What now?" Once they learn about your products, services and capabilities, they should be directed to an easy-to-find call to action, such as: "request a quote, 2. paper," "find a dealer," etc. Offer a compelling call to action. Each page of your website should allow your visitors " "ask a question," "download a white 1. Portray the right look and feel of its two product lines: transformers and telecom products. With similar layout and designs, both product lines provide a clear pathway for users to find the right information they are looking for and then take action. Ben Bloom, SNC Telecom's vice president, appreciates the way that SNC Telecom pages integrate an interactive feature to allow visitors to design their own turn-key solutions packages that meet specific application requirements. Aſter entering their configuration information, users can submit their quote requests immediately. One of SNC's goals was to provide a more balanced view Your website tells your story. SNC has been providing custom transformers to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) since 1946. However, its previous website "didn't really convey the image of an industry leader, clear messages and user-friendly navigation can inspire users' confidence, thus increasing a A site with a fresh design, " says Vette. 22 | INSIGHT on Manufacturing • July 2012 be successful if your potential customers can't find it. Try searching for your core services in Google, Bing or Yahoo and see whether and where your website appears in the results. According to Chitika Insights, a sample of over 8 million 3. Maximize your reach on search engines. No matter how beautiful your website is, it won't clicks shows that over 94 percent of users clicked on a first page result, and fewer than 6 percent actually clicked to the second page and selected a result displayed there. If your rankings are low, the first step is to use Google Keyword Tool to help identify the keywords your audience is searching for. Then embed these phrases in

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