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August 2015

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w w w . i n s i g h t o n b u s i n e s s . c o m A u g u s t 2 0 15 • I NSIGH T | 41 Healing to ensure its athletes and parents are educated about what foods are effective when preparing for practices or big games. Baehman says healthy living oen starts with the parents. "If a nutritional program is in place at an early age, that child will be more willing to learn how certain foods affect their athletic abilities when they enroll in high school sports," Baehman says. As part of the summer program at Appleton West, Baehman and her team cook breakfast for students before they start their activities. e cost for the food is covered by the Appleton West Endowment Fund, which is composed of donations from private parties. ey also bring recipes for students to give to their parents. Kerry Evers, who works for Nutritional Healing and organizes the breakfast program, says the approach they are using to inform students about proper foods to eat is working. "Very rarely is anyone talking to kids about whole foods and true nutrition, so I think that is a unique experience in itself," Evers says. "is program is unique because these kids are learning how to use whole foods to fuel their bodies instead of protein shakes and bars or sports drinks." e person behind the idea of bringing the breakfast program to the school is Terry Gross, a teacher and the head cross-country coach at Appleton West. Gross says the breakfast strengthens the athletic program by including an important and sometimes overlooked component to proper training: nutrition. "e main goal we want students and parents to realize is that eating the right kind of nutritious foods is important for participating in certain sports," Gross says. "With Nutritional Healing's help, our students realize that cooking a nutritious meal is quick and cost-effective." Gross says roughly 40 percent of Appleton West students are on free or reduced lunch. A lot of the families might not have nutritious food in their cabinets, or have much of it. Gross and Baehman agree that parent inclusion is a key factor for the success of the program. Stay Ahead of the Employment Law Curve Employment laws change quickly. At the Law Firm of Conway, Olejniczak & Jerry, we have a team of lawyers dedicated to helping you keep up with them. We provide counsel in: • Risk management • Regulatory compliance • ADA/FMLA leave and accommodations • Response to union organizing campaigns • Negotiation of labor agreements • Formulation of employment policies and handbooks • Supervisor training We are the partner you need to keep your business ahead of the curve. P h o n e : 9 2 0 . 4 37. 0 476 • w w w. l c o j l a w. c o m The Law Firm of Conway, Olejniczak & Jerry, S.C. provides legal services in more than twenty areas of practice. Our proactive, collaborative approach has earned the trust of businesses and individuals throughout Northeast Wisconsin. Nutritional Healing's growth and success were recognized in June when the company was awarded the Rising Star Award from the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce. According to the chamber, this award recognizes new up-and- coming small businesses with a unique blend of vision, energy, perseverance and skill. "It is such an honor to have been recognized," Baehman says. "Without everyone's support, there is no way we would have the success we do right now." e road to success for Baehman and her team will not stop here. ey are working on creating a new chapter for the company by expanding into the Milwaukee market, a move Baehman expects will take place in the next two years. "We want to branch out and make nutritional programs more recognizable across the state, and we are taking the success we have gained here, and hope to have the same positive impact on other communities as well."

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