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August 2015

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34 | I NSIGH T • A u g u s t 2 0 15 w w w . i n s i g h t o n b u s i n e s s . c o m encouraging them, even if the company is not directly involved, also helps. Showing a little flexibility and a relaxed work environment won't hurt either. Schenck, for example, is closed most Friday aernoons during the summer. "We all need to look internally and look for those things that will set us apart," she says. "Little things do matter." Once they are here, Presteen says many of Heartland's young professionals realize there are great opportunities for them outside of work as well. "We are at a point now where some who joined us are married and are starting families here," Presteen says. "Northeast Wisconsin has great opportunities. We just need to make sure we show them." consulting for Schenck. "If you think about it, they have always been connected to the Internet. ey are used to things happening instantly." When it comes to recruiting young professionals, Schenck — like Weidert Group — has found a strong internship program is key. ey will want to do real work as well, Pagel says. "Get them involved early and have clearly defined goals and objectives," she says. "We want them to choose this as a career, so we want to show them the real possibilities." at's been a key element to the internship program launched by Heartland Technology Group in 2006. "e last thing you want is for an intern who might be a future employee to spend the summer unboxing PCs," says Tracy Presteen, human resources manager. "We want to expose them to real world experiences and opportunities." Heartland is not only trying to recruit young professionals to the region, but it is doing so in the information technology sector, which is highly competitive and where there is a shortage of workers to fill the available positions. Reaching them early through an internship program is vital, and the company is also an active sponsor of college level technology groups and programs. "Almost 99 percent of our new hires have come from our intern pool," Presteen says. "ey know how we work and have already built good relationships." In her conversations with young professionals considering Schenck, Pagel says she oen hears they are looking for opportunities to be involved with the community they will live in. Knowing what those opportunities are and HR/RECRUITING "If you think about it, they have always been connected to the Internet. They are used to things happening instantly." – D e b r a Pa g e l, d i re c to r o f h u m a n re s o u rce s co n s u l t i n g fo r S c h e n c k To learn more about growing your career with the only insurance company dedicated to jewelry owners and the jewelry industry, visit today. 800-558-6411 Neenah, Wisconsin Add sparkle to your career at Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company sparkle to your career INSIGHT New North 72015 Jewelers Mutual.indd 1 7/14/15 9:33 AM

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