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August 2015

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w w w . i n s i g h t o n b u s i n e s s . c o m A u g u s t 2 0 15 • I NSIGH T | 33 [continued ] » travelling the state talking with recent graduates who report they are leaving the state because they don't see opportunity here. "We really want to understand what drives young professionals who are educated at our state universities to leave," Newson says. While the young professionals that are leaving say there is no opportunity, the companies that would employ them complain young professionals don't want to work structured hours or don't want to be in high pressure situations, he says. Linnemanstons says both perceptions are misguided. He points out there are many companies in Northeast Wisconsin that create and deliver world class products and services. Working in this region offers a chance for young professionals to do high-level work early in their careers. As for employer concerns, he says young pros may desire to work differently, but they work just as hard as any previous generation. Human resource professionals in the region tend to agree. Debra Pagel, who recruits for Schenck SC, says what this group is really looking for is a company that will offer them a more defined career path with lots of feedback and opportunities. "ey are incredibly collaborative and are used to instant feedback and gratification," says Pagel, director of human resources BUSINESS SOLUTIONS MADE BETTER. YOU CAN BANK ON IT. Fox Valley (920) 237-5126 Green Bay (920) 469-0500 Manitowoc (920) 652-3100 Sheboygan (920) 694-1900 For better banking, think First Business banking has never been easier when you partner with Bank First. Our team helps businesses large and small to achieve their goals with financial solutions customized to fit their current and future needs. Bill Rehn Curry Kuehl Joel Steber Aaron Faulkner Joan Woldt "The last thing you want is for an intern who might be a future employee to spend the summer unboxing PCs. We want to expose them to real world experiences and opportunities." – Tr a c y P re s te e n , He a r t l a n d Te c h n o l o g y G ro u p h u m a n re s o u rce s m a n a g e r

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