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Special Thanks Karleen Liedtke – for her many photo albums and excellent job in labeling her pictures. Without her pictures the photo displays and many of the details in this book would not have been possible. Geraldine Bartel – for her desire and willingness to help from day one and especially the very precious older bulletins, letters and photos she provided that helped capture the amazing history of St. John's. Luann Hankemeier – for helping identify people in photos and providing current photos along with the correct spelling of names. Josh Kiecker – for providing photos of church projects and family winter outing. Tim Bevers – for providing photos from 150th Anniversary Celebration. Carol Brauer – for the various photo displays at church, attempts at investigating and identifying names for the many older photos from past church directories and precious older photos that other church members submitted. It is her wish that the help she received from Karleen Liedtke, Geraldine Bartel, Luann Hankemeier, and many other church members that you will enjoy the 150th Anniversary Book and reminisce the many blessings in the rich history of St. John's Church and school. Thank you to the many members of St. John's that helped identify individuals on the photos during the process of getting ready for our 150th Anniversary. All of the above contributors made it possible to document a more accurate history. Photos and text from the last five previous directories have been reproduced in this 150th Anniversary edition. The First One Hundred Years was retyped and added in it's entirety to enable us to capture and retain the history of St. John's Church and School. Photos, letters, bulletins and news clippings that pertained to each era were interspersed with The First One Hundred Years to add to our rich history. The last 50 years was made possible with the help of Geraldine Bartel, Karleen Liedtke, Luann Hankemeier, Carol Brauer and Pastor Fritz. Acknowledgements Table of Contents Letter from Pastor Paul Fritz 1 The First One Hundred Years 2 - 22 110th Anniversary 23 125th Anniversary 29 1990 – 2010 31 2010 – Present 38 150th Anniversary 40 The School, Teachers and Students 42 St. John's Directory 54

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