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July 2014

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10 N e w N o r t h , i N c . R ecruiters and human resource directors will be the first to tell you there is no such thing as too much information when it comes to extolling life in the New North. is rings especially true when it comes to attracting and retaining the talent that will keep the region's economy vibrant in the years to come. For the past several years, those recruiters and HR professionals have used the New North's recruitment brochure, a 20-page document that explains the richness of life in the region, from housing options to health care, from education to recreation. Still, they have found that prospective recruits and their families want more. "e way people research a location is changing," says Margie Harvey, vice president, human resources for Silver Star Brands, which encompasses Miles Kimball and several other catalogue brands. "ey won't wait for it to come in the mail, nor will they accept just the brochure. ey want to dig deep in the areas that are important to them." To help them do just that, the New North is taking its "Living in the New North" talent recruitment brochure digital. e HR and recruiting professionals working on the new resource hope to Can't get enough New North recruitment brochure to expand, move online B y S e a n P. J o h n s o n 14 Mid-Year debut the digital version of the popular recruiting tool by the time the New North Summit is held in December. "As we move into inbound marketing and relationship building, we need more content and to be able to respond to prospects faster," says Ann Duginske, director of marketing and development for New North. "We need to be able to present the information in multiple forms and for more than just the job seeker." While the digital resource will offer additional depth, it will not replace the printed brochure. With more than 20,000 copies printed so far, a condensed version complementing the online site will play a valuable role in the process. "A recruiter will still be able to use it as part of a package sent to a candidate," says Kellie Dunn-Poggemann, human resources principal business partner with Gannett Wisconsin Media. "But it will be so much more fluid now with the online version. We will be able to update things immediately and include information about things such as sports, arts and places to volunteer." "We are small enough that you can live in Green Bay and commute to Appleton, yet we have many of the same amenities of those larger areas. To highlight that all together is pretty unique." – Kellie Dunn-Poggemann, human resources principal business partner with Gannett Wisconsin Media Talent Development To view the New North Recruitment brochure:

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