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May 2014

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Tim Bergstrom, president and COO of Bergstrom Automotive, leads the charge for digital communication and tracking results to maintain the company's culture – and its mission to please "guests." I t ' s M o n d ay M o r n I n g, and Tim Bergstrom is sharing a light-hearted moment with Craig Roloff, who has just attached a smart phone to a tripod in Tim's office on the sixth floor of One Neenah Center. ¶ "Ready?" Craig, digital director at Bergstrom asks. Tim's been ready, his message top of mind, no need for notes. President and chief operating officer at Bergstrom Automotive, Tim, 37, exudes a breezy confidence, a genuine desire to communicate to all 1,400 of the company's team members as if he was talking to each one personally. L y a L t y D R I V I N G BergstroM eMBraces socIaL MedIa, MetrIcs to deLIver outstandIng servIce and MaIntaIn Its coMpetItIve edge >

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