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11:15 A.M. BREAKOUT SESSIONS Do, Learn, Do: Get Started with AR/VR to Solve Problems in Industrial Applications presented by Jason Trombley of NWTC and Mitchell Schmidt of LTC Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will provide the experiential learning platform your business needs to engage, support, and enable your team to quickly build skills. Augmented Reality is being used by engineers at HQ to walk technicians around the globe through startups and troubleshooting. Virtual Reality allows customers to do walk-throughs of newly designed factories, checking for interferences and operability months before concrete is poured, minimizing costly changes. Learn more about how AR/VR pilots have been successful at technical colleges and local businesses in solving challenges with upskilling workforces and creating more value and efficiencies. Retaining Those Who Matter Most: A Look at Four Non-Traditional Approaches presented by Bradley Ruh of Action Financial Strategies In this session we'll look at the retirement plan benefit space and what you can do to stay ahead of your competitors. You will learn several non-traditional employee compensation and bonus arrangements that can help retain and attract key persons in this highly competitive job environment. To help determine the best strategy for your business, we'll compare key features such as current or future tax deductions, control, cost recovery and golden handcuffs. Building a Top Team: How Your Facility Can Attract & Retain Talent presented by Curtis Schroeder and Michelle Rueckl of Consolidated Construction and Joe Bergner of O'Connor Connective Modern manufacturing is high-tech, clean and bright. Still, some manufacturing facilities live in the dark ages when it comes to their environment. This session will show how important environment is to today's workforce, how even small changes and thoughtful design can make a big difference, and the role of the building in promoting culture and safety. Incident Response Planning: The True Cost of an Outage – a Practical Approach to Security Incidents presented by Wendy Diem of FVTC and Matthew Kelly of MPTC A security incident is not a matter of if; it is a matter of when. This breakout session will explore the process of incident response through case study and best practice. The goal of the session is to provide everyone with a simple framework that can be used regardless of organizational size or level of experience. The Cost of Flexibility: Legal Risks Posed by Remote Workers presented by John Haase and Annie Eiden of Godfrey & Kahn Remote work is now offered as a benefit in many workplaces, and employees have come to expect the increased flexibility. However, remote work is not without its downsides. Employers with even partially remote workforces need to be prepared for legal challenges associated with out-of- state workers, accommodation requests, minimum wage implications, and privacy laws. Issues commonly thought to be limited to in-person workforces don't disappear either, with employers still needing to guard against harassment and workplace injuries. This session will alert employers to common pitfalls of a remote workforce and help them avoid costly employee complaints. Manufacturers: Accelerate Revenue, Growth & Profit with Focus on RevOps presented by Greg Linnemanstons of Weidert Group For many manufacturers, generating revenue is synonymous with making sales. The external focus keeps many B2B business leaders from seeing how friction and redundancies between sales, marketing, and service teams erode operational efficiency and inhibit growth. Revenue Operations (RevOps) rejects the mindset that revenue is a byproduct of selling a product or service and, instead, defines it as a measure of how well — or poorly — a business is realizing its collective growth potential across processes, platforms and people. BRADLEY RUH GREG LINNEMANSTONS 10 A.M. BREAKOUT SESSIONS MORE WENDY DIEM MICHELLE RUECKL CURTIS SCHROEDER JOE BERGNER JOHN HAASE JASON TROMBLEY MATTHEW KELLY ANNIE EIDEN MITCHELL SCHMIDT REGISTER NOW MANUFACTURINGFIRST.COM

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