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April 2021

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w w w . i n s i g h t o n b u s i n e s s . c o m A p r i l 2 0 2 1 • I NSIGH T | 25 w w w . i n s i g h t o n b u s i n e s s . c o m A p r i l 2 0 2 1 • I NSIGH T | 25 Romjue, a Nebraska native who worked at Black & Decker/DeWalt for 15 years before coming to Hoffmaster in 2011, says the company chose to acquire Aardvark because it made the strongest paper straw in the world. Since that time, the company has made the straws 60 to 70 percent stronger than they were when Hoffmaster purchased Aardvark. "We've been innovating and adding strength and durability to the product over the last year. We feel good that we're making progressive steps to improve the category and improve the user experience," he says. Jay Supple, CEO of Supple Restaurant Group, which owns Fratellos, two locations of Fox River Brewing Co. and the Melting Pot in Appleton, says the group's restaurants turned to Hoffmaster when they transitioned from plastic to paper straws. Initially, he had concerns about the straws' durability and how they might affect taste. Over the years, he's seen the quality of the straws improve, and today's version easily stands up to any drink. "ey've come a long way from when they first started," he says. Hoffmaster's efforts don't stop at paper straws. It's been expanding and developing its EarthWise line for years. Today, it includes recycled and eco-friendly napkins, wooden cutlery, utensils made from renewable resources, and tree-free plates, bowls and takeout containers. Creating and marketing a product that's sustainable, affordable and meets customer expectations can prove to be a tricky equation. For example, many consumers may feel turned off by the idea of plastic foam takeout containers. However, foam oen provides the best insulation, leading to a better food experience, Romjue says. "If your food arrives and it's mushy and chilly, you don't really care that it came in an eco-friendly container because you weren't happy with your experience," he says. [ c o n t i n u e d ] » Hoffmaster is a leader in premium tabletop products. Demand for its CaterWrap line, which offers cutlery wrapped in a napkin, has increased throughout the past year as many restaurants have shifted toward takeout.

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