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September 2020

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34 | I NSIGH T • S e p t e m b e r 2 0 2 0 w w w . i n s i g h t o n b u s i n e s s . c o m Email: or call: 920.347.1705 • Graphics can be safely cleaned/sanitized • Removed without damage to surface • Non-slip laminate for floors/low-nap carpet • Can be customized with your logo or specific message Help Keep Your Staff and Customers Safe with COVID-19 Window and Floor Decals F A C E M A S K R E Q U I R E D IN THIS FACILITY In this together K E E P E A C H O T H E R S A F E PLEASE WEAR A FACE MASK WHILE INSIDE In this together T H A N K Y O U F O R P R A C T I C I N G S O C I A L D I S T A N C I N G WAIT HERE PLEASE PRACTICE SAFE DISTANCING S T A Y 6 F E E T A P A R T I N T H I S T O G E T H E R Environments | Exhibits | Signage | Vehicles 920.347.1700 | | 3400 Packerland De Pere FULL SERVICE IN-HOUSE Solutions that help SHAPE OUR COMMUNITIES 920 751 4200 MCMGRP.COM SINCE 1909 that the loan had been approved. On Monday morning, Lindemann logged in, and the money was in his account. "I was able to gather (my employees) and give them some certainty when there wasn't a lot of certainty to be had. at felt good to be able to do that for them," Lindemann says. e PPP money allowed Lindemann and his team to put focus where it needed to be, and they have lived by the motto, "win the day." e company can now concentrate on finding easier ways to put its products, which include personal protective equipment, into customers' hands through methods such as contactless delivery and curbside pickup. Darren Voigt, chief lending officer for Bank of Luxemburg, says the bank worked overtime to process PPP loans for its customers. "We ended up closing more loans in a 30-day period of time than we normally do in probably three to four years," he says. e loans helped customers allay fears about having to lay off long-term employees. One of BOL's biggest success stories is Reynolds Packaging in Green Bay. e manufacturer of short-run plastic bags used its PPP loan money to help keep staff. With some of the worry alleviated, one of Reynolds' owners was able to focus on retooling part of the plant to begin to make PPE such as masks for hospitals. Voigt says he thinks businesses are seeing the benefits of choosing smaller banks. "I think it really has (opened people's eyes). We did a number of PPP loans for customers of other larger banks that wouldn't even return a phone call. ey've since migrated over," he says. insider c o n t i n u e d Wisconsin Fastener Supply in Manitowoc turned to Investors Community Bank for a PPP loan. The funds have helped the business retain employees and increase its emphasis on providing personal protective equipment. W I S C O N S I N FA S T E N E R S U P P LY

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