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August 2019

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w w w . i n s i g h t o n b u s i n e s s . c o m A u g u s t 2 0 19 • I NSIGH T | 11 LIST MASTER "If you're like me, putting together a grocery list is a chore. The list was never handy and I'd always forget to write something down. Not anymore — Wunderlist solved the problem. This simple app does lists really well. I use it for work and for personal lists when I need to remember something. Individual lists can be shared with others, so with things like groceries, my family can add to the list. When I stop at the store, it's all right there in my smartphone." Susan Lucius, Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton JUST BREATHE "As a mental health counselor by training, I know how much breathing exercises help bring the body and mind back to a state of relaxation. That's why I was so pleased to learn how to use the Breathe app on my first Apple Watch. What seemed like a silly buzzing on my wrist at first became a resource to help me regain and maintain a state of calm amid the typical daily stressors of running a growing organization. I'm glad I have this simple and easy-to-use resource on my watch and phone to help me take a few moments to focus on my breathing through the day." Rosangela Berbert, Samaritan Counseling Center of the Fox Valley Inc., Menasha READER RECOMMENDED TANGIBLE BENEFITS "'Measure What Matters' by John Doerr focuses on the implementation of setting objectives and key results (OKRs). It teaches the reader how to prioritize a demanding schedule and properly assess tasks and projects. Doerr refers to the four superpowers of OKRs and gives a variety of real-life examples, such as Google and the early days of IBM. The reader gets insight into OKRs specific to the organizational goals of those examples. The diverse sample of companies chosen proves that a well-defined OKR improves any organizational structure. As director of marketing for a regional economic development organization, measuring impact is an ongoing challenge. By the end of the book, I felt confident in not only setting obtainable OKRs, but also aligning them to my organization's overall mission." Lorissa Bañuelos, New North Inc., Green Bay What are you reading, watching, listening to or doing that's so great you want to share it with others? We asked a few of our Insight readers, and this is what they said. — Compiled by Insight Editor MaryBeth Matzek RATIONAL THINKING "My professional book club group, Lead to Read, is made up of business leaders in Kaukauna and the book we are currently reading is 'Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior.' It reveals dynamic forces that influence every aspect of our personal and business lives, including loss aversion (our tendency to go to great lengths to avoid perceived losses), the diagnosis bias (our inability to reevaluate our initial diagnosis of a person or situation), and the 'chameleon effect' (our tendency to take on characteristics that have been arbitrarily assigned to us)." Kelli Clussman, Heart of the Valley Chamber, Kaukauna

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